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Finally, a truly fulfilling answer to the question, “is there an app for that?” For those looking for an easy way to donate to charitable causes, the answer to the above question is a resounding, “yes!” Years ago it might have seemed impossible to make any monetary transactions from your phone, but as technology continues to advance, transferring cash and even donating to a charity is now as simple as clicking a button. Does this sound like a trend you can get behind? If so, here are some of the top charitable apps that you can download to do good.


Share The Meal

This app has had great success since its launch a few years back. This is a very straight forward donation app where you can log on at any time and tap to donate as little as 50 cents. This money will go directly to providing a meal for a child in need.



Instead asks app users if they can choose donating instead of choosing to spend their money on something not necessary to their survival. The “Coffee Theory” of saving up all the money you’d possibly spend on just buying coffee in a single year helped to spark the concept for this app. By choosing to click ‘give’ instead of ‘consume,’ you can help make a real impact.  


Charity Miles

This popular charitable movement combines your daily workout with a daily donation. By mapping the number of miles you’ve run, walked, or biked, you’ll earn a certain amount of money that is then donated by Charity Miles’ corporate sponsorship pool. You can earn 10 cents per mile by biking, and 25 cents per mile for running or walking.


I Can Go Without

This app works in the same vein as Instead. To access the I Can Go Without app, you have to make a pledge to reduce your daily consumption of surplus. Once you’ve pledged to make these changes, I Can Go Without will donate the money correlated to your pledge to one of the charities partnered with the app.


Donate A Photo

The concept behind this app was actually designed by Johnson & Johnson. This app allows the user to donate a photo that then prompts Johnson & Johnson to donate $1 to the charity of your choice. To keep the concept going, users can only donate one photo a day.