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The weather is getting warmer, and the flowers are beginning to bloom. Spring is springing, and so are new fundraising ideas that go along with the warmer weather. This spring is a great time to try out new fundraising ideas for your business or organization. The warmer weather calls for more events outside opening up a whole new slew of ideas. This article will expand on some common charitable events and ideas that are great for the upcoming springtime weather.


Car Wash


There is not a more traditional fundraising event than a car wash. Warmer weather means people are looking to get their cars cleaned and rid of the dirt and grime from winter. Host a car wash for your organization near a highly trafficked area to get the most customers. People are more likely to have their car washed when they know it is for a good cause rather than going to a chain car washing company. Make it enjoyable for your organization and provide drinks and snacks for everyone who participates.  


Spring Cleaning


Nothing says spring like spring cleaning. Ask supporters or your local community for items that you can sell at your company’s spring cleaning event. The key to a spring cleaning garage sale is location! Set up shop near an area that will see a lot of traffic and exchange items for donations to a good cause!


Game Day


Another great fundraising idea for the warmer weather is hosting a game day. A game day can consist of many different games for you and your employees to participate in. Ask other companies to participate in your game day as well. Each player will pay to participate, and you can raise the money to go towards a cause of your choosing. If you have the right amount of people playing you can make it more interesting by having teams for each organization participating!


5K Run/Walk


The traditional 5K Run/Walk is a fan favorite for fundraising in the springtime. People are itching to get outside and have fun with outdoor activities, why not make it for a good cause? When putting together your 5K, incentivize your race by adding prizes for people who raise the most money for the event as well as people who place in the top 3 or 5 in the race.